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The latest from Conduce, highlights of our partnerships
and discoveries we’ve made along the way.
In collaboration with Cisco and Conduce, DHL leverages IoT to offer managers and executives real-time insight into their warehouses
PwC leverages its expertise in supply chain and analytics to create SCOOP - a supply chain opportunity and optimization platform.
Conduce and DHL presented "End-to-End Visibility Across the Supply Chain” at Barcelona IOT Solutions World Congress.
Conduce Offers the First Immersive Operational Data Visualization Platform
Leaders and teams can see and interact with all their data
instantly using a single, intuitive interface.

Live data updates

Drive measurable business outcomes by viewingthe entire picture in real-time.

Learn what is happening locally or across the enterprise.

Built for data discovery

Explore many data sources simultaneously.

Drill in to see what’s going on inside any location across the dimension of time.

Define operational views that drive business outcomes.

Leverage existing assets

Use your existing tools to view data in a new way.

No major deployments or abrupt changeovers so your enterprise can begin experiencing the benefits quickly and easily.

Runs securely in the cloud

Collaborate instantly and securely.

Enable team members to view and act on the same data at the same time.

The Essential Human Role

More data does not necessarily lead to better decision making. In fact, it often multiplies missed opportunities hidden under a deluge of numbers. Even when you have the world’s best data, you still need people to put it to work.

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Conduce combines secure, transactional business tools with advanced gaming technology to visualize internal and external data from any source on a single pane of glass.
One Interface. Unlimited Insight.
Conduce user offers unmatched versatility across a diverse range of global enterprises.
Perfect the customer experience and optimize supply chains in retail
Manage CPG product inventories and logistics and reduce costs
Monitor energy generation and oversee delivery infrastructure
Improve travel guest experience, yield management and asset utilization
Increase productivity, enhance efficiency and simplify tasks in manufacturing
Enhance patient care while reducing costs and increasing efficiency